Can I request samples to help me make my final choice?

Yes. We know that it can be hard to make decisions without seeing a product first. We are happy to loan sample bags upon request. We would ask that all samples are returned to us in a good condition should you decide not to go ahead with your order or change your product choices.

How do I supply artwork and will I receive a proof of the final design?

Please see our how to supply artwork section that has step by step instructions to guide you through the process of supplying artwork and images for your bags.
Once we have collated your designs we will send you a PDF, free of charge to show you how your bag will look according to your specifications. If you would like a physical bag proof we can arrange that too, but there will be a small charge for materials.

What is the minimum order quantity?

There is a minimum order quantity throughout all of the different bags we supply. The smallest quantity is 100 bags for our stock reusable bag range and also our bespoke laminated paper carrier bags.
Our range of polythene and kraft carrier bags start at 500. Bespoke reusable bags are normally 1000, but 500 bag orders can sometimes be accomodated, please ask for final confirmation.

Can I change an order once it has been placed?

Once an order has been agreed and confirmed in writing we are not usually able to change orders. Core Bags does understand that situations do change and we will try to accommodate changed orders and requests if possible.
The sooner you notify the Core Bags team, the more room we may have for manoeuvre.

Can I cancel an order once it has been placed?

It is possible to cancel an order if Core Bags have not already started to process the order and print the bags.

Cancellations of printed bags can only be accepted upon payment of any work reached at the cancellation point. Plain stock bags can be returned in their original packaging and in a condition suitable for us to re-sell. The only charge would be the outbound carriage and a restocking cost. These rules do not affect your statutory rights.

Please contact the Core Bags team or your account manager who will be able to advise you of any costs incurred at that time

How do I supply artwork and will I receive a proof of the final design?

Delivery times depend on the type of bag order you are placing.

Stock products are the quickest way to receive your bags. For plain stock orders received before midday we can usually offer an overnight service to deliver bags your next working day. Printed bags from stock, including reusable bags, normally we can accommodate urgent express orders, but normally this is 5-7 days.

For bespoke orders or complex print orders, the average delivery turnaround ranges from 3 to 12-weeks from artwork approval, depending on the bag you have chosen and what country is used for the manufacture.

We try to be as flexible as possible and can normally work within your deadlines so you can receive your bags by the dates you need.

If you are in any doubt about how long your order may take to produce and deliver or if you would like to find out the options available within your timescales please just ask any member of the CrazyBags team who will be happy to help.

How many bags will I receive?

All orders are subject to a quantity tolerance at the manufacturing stage of + or – 10% of the ordered quantity. For instance, if you order 5,000 bags the total number of bags delivered will be between 4,600 and 5,500 bags.

All bags above the ordered quantity will be charged. We only invoice for the exact number of bags that are delivered. This means that you may have a reduced invoice cost or will need to pay for the additional bags received. This is an industry wide regulation over which we have no control.

Can I change the delivery address after placing an order?

Yes. We try to be as flexible as possible and can accommodate changes to the delivery address. All changes must be received three working days in advance of the anticipated delivery date.

For immediate deliveries we must be notified of a change of address by no later than 2pm the day before the orders are due to arrive.

Can I have my bags delivered anywhere?

Core Bags can deliver your bags wherever you would like us to within reason. All completed orders are couriered to the delivery address agreed and confirmed by you. This cost is included in the final price quoted when you place your order. Please note that standard delivery is Mainland UK and excludes Highlands, Isles of Man, Channel Islands or Outer Hebrides. These destinations attract a higher charge.

We cannot except any liability for damaged or incomplete orders received as a result of failure by our third party delivery contractors.

Can I reuse my printing plates or screens for future repeat orders?

Yes in many cases you can. For polythene and paper products we can re-use the existing printing plates for up to three years after the first order. After this time however, the printing plates may no longer be available or may need replacing to ensure quality of print. This will incur a cost and our team will advise you how much this would be.

For screen printed products we are unable to reuse screens for repeat orders. This is due to the printing process, as each screen is ‘washed down’ after use, ready for the next print run.

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