Who Do Custom Promotional Bags Work For?

There are many ways to promote a business, but there are not many as effective as the use of a custom promotional bags from Core Bags. Promotional bags are ideal for increasing awareness of your brand. They allow your business logo to be seen by an abundance of people as your customers use it to carry their items and it is also perfect as a giveaway at business conferences or events.

We provide a massive range of varying colours, sizes and styles for you to base the design of your custom promotional bag on. It is incredibly important when deciding on the design of your bag that you consider the needs of your customers and client. You must make sure your design is something that will remain fashionable for many years. You want them to carry the bag around and use it in public for a long as possible to ensure your business receives the maximum amount of exposure possible.

Why A Custom Promotional Bag?

By providing customers with a branded bag from your business, you massively increase the chance of them using your firm or purchasing from you in the future.

Not only can you promote your business itself, but you can also specifically promote particular events your company is running or particular ongoing campaigns.

With plastic bags coming at a cost nowadays there is no better time to create a reusable, custom promotional bag here at Core Bags. The bags we provide are made from materials of the highest quality to ensure you receive a tough, durable bag.

Which Bag Type?

There are many different types of bags available with us. Here we take a look at who promotional bags work for and which type of bag you should use for each customer.

Backpacks for Students

CustomĀ promotional backpack bags are ideal for people like students who require a practical, yet stylish bag to carry their items in and thanks to the range of backpacks we supply they are perfect for display your brand logo to increase brand awareness.

Thanks to the main body of a backpack being so quite large, there is more than enough space to advertise your company and custom message. Also ideal for people who work in offices, people going to the gym backpacks are extremely convenient and perfectly suit the users every need.

Drawstring Bags for Clubs and Schools

Complete with reinforced PU corners our polyester drawstring bags are available in a multitude of colours on which your business logo or campaign information can be added via screening or transfer. Perfect for use in schools and sports clubs you can easily increase the exposure of your firm through the purchase and distribution of custom promotional drawstring bags.

As comfortable as a backpack, choose a drawstring bag in your business colours to increase awareness of your brand.

Bags for Life or Reusable Cotton Bags for Conferences

At business events and conferences you normally accumulate a lot of information packs or leaflets. A Bag for Life or a Reusable cotton bag is the perfect type of custom promotional bag for carrying around all that information and it is, therefore, a great tool for increasing the awareness of your business brand.

There is more than enough space to include your message and branding on our Bags for Life and Reusable Cotton Bags.

Jute Bags or JUCO Bags for Environmentally Friendly Consumers

Perfect for customers or clients who prefer to live a more eco-friendly life, Jute Bags or their counterparts the JUCO Bag are ideal for use as a promotional tool. Jute is extremely environmentally friendly and when the material is combined with cotton that is what creates our popular JUCO Bags.

Not only are they great for the environment as they can be reused many times, but these two bags are perfect for displaying details of a campaign or to spread awareness of your business logo. We can print messages in a range of colours and shades.

Reusable Cotton Bags for Everyone Else

The Core Bags range of reusable cotton bagsĀ are perfect for use as a custom promotional bag and is suitable for use by absolutely everyone!

These bags are ideal for the creation of your bespoke branded bags and they offer more than enough space to add campaign details, custom messages, brand logos or social media handles. Hand them out to your customers to enhance awareness of your brand.




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